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We recently learned that Will Williams and family suffered a great loss over the weekend. Apparently, his house and contents were substantially burned in a fire.

We don't know all of the details though the youcaring.com fund page says that the family and pets are safe.

If you are interested in helping please use the link below and please share as you see fit.


by Master Admin posted 11/27/2017



Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club Middle School Team FAQ


Is my middle schooler eligible to play for the LMIHC middle school team? 

To be eligible to register for the LMIHC Middle School team, your child must reside in the Lower Merion School District (LMSD) and attend a public or private school in the LMSD. If your child lives in the LMSD and they attend a private school with no Middle School ice hockey program, they are eligible. If your child lives in the LMSD but attends a private school that has a school-based team (e.g. Haverford or Episcopal), that player is not eligible to register for the LMIHC Middle School Team.


What about girls? 

Girls wanted!! None of the teams from elementary through varsity are exclusive to boys. Start playing middle school ice hockey now and continue through high school on the Lady Bulldogs team. 


If my child plays club hockey, why join the LMIHC middle school team?  

Even if your child plays club hockey, it is fun to play with others from your own community.  If he/she plans to attend Lower Merion or Harriton High School and play ice hockey, team building starts now! 


What if my child has never played hockey or has only played a little bit? 

It is not too late to start ice hockey in middle school. There will be skill-based drills at practice and the club and coaching will emphasize inclusivity and appropriate player development. It will, however, be necessary for your child to supplement the Lower Merion program with addition skating and hockey skills clinics and/or lessons. 


Who is Coaching? 

Brian Hoppy is the head coach of the Middle School program. Brian also serves at the Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club Director of Hockey Development.  In this role, he will be working closely with our Mite (youngest players) and Elementary team coaches to develop all of our players, ultimately readying them for high school-level play. 


When and where is practice? 

Practices typically take place once a week 4:15-5:30 Saturdays at the Springfield Ice Rink.  There will be combined drills with the top level - age group elementary players aimed at addressing different skill levels.  Practice will be led by Coach Brian Hoppy, as well Elementary White Team head coach Kadir Erkman and assistant coach Dan Flood. There will also be goalie coaching and skating skills instruction. Players who need more practice are encouraged to participate in outside lessons or hockey/skating clinics.


Is there a league? When and where are games? 

Middle school games will be played through the IceLine League with one middle school team (5th through 8th grade, non-check team).  The season starts October 1st, there are 15 games in the season plus double-elimination play-offs. Games are played mostly on Sundays and Mondays at IceLine in West Chester, with some Friday games in Hatfield or Oaks.  To be eligible to play in the play-offs, each player must play in 50% of regular season games.  For this season, a player must play in at least 7 games to be eligible.


What is the process to register?

There are 4 steps, to be done in the following order: 


    1. Join USA Hockey and obtain a registration number: 



    2. Register for Lower Merion Ice Hockey Middle School team: 

        Best accomplished from a computer (not phone). 

        On the LMIHC site (www.lowermerionihc.com) click the ORANGE Register         Now link, choose payment plan. 


    3. Request or confirm your player's jersey number with manager Martha             Bardsley


    4. Register your player in the IceLine league (iceline.pointstreaksites.com), 

        Middle school registration tab, choose Lower Merion


When is it too late to register? 

Games start in October, however registration will remain open until indicated on the LMIHC website, but generally closes mid-December and depends on the roster.


How much does it cost?  

USA Hockey membership $40

LMIHC Middle School Registration and yearbook fees: $1075 ($50 discount for payment in full) 

Uniform: $138

Equipment: $300-$700

This covers the entire hockey season, which is approximately 7 months (September to playoffs in March) 


How do I purchase a uniform?

If your player needs a new jersey or is new to the club, please contact Martha Bardsley to request/confirm a jersey number.  Jersey numbers are assigned based on availability in addition to your child's preference. 


Rocky, former owner of the Hockey Shed, will be handling jerseys for our club.  He will be bringing sample jerseys for players to try on at the Springfield Hockey Rink on 9/16 and 9/23.  If you are unable to make that time but still need to order new uniforms, please email Rocky directly at  .  The cost for 2 jerseys and 2 pairs of socks is $138.00 this year.  ($55.00 per shirt and $14.00 per sox).  Check or cash.  



What if my child has no equipment? 

Full gear and stick required. Resources include- 


Dick's Sporting Goods

Mike's Hockey Gear (Willow Grove)

Play it Again Sports (Berwyn)

Total Hockey (Exton)

Most rinks sell equipment 

Facebook group: "Ice Hockey Equipment Yard Sale - Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Lehigh"



Is there an app? 

TeamSnap is back! Once registered, you will receive an email inviting you to join the app, you will be notified and mark expected attendance to all practices and games. 



Who do I contact if I have other questions?

General: Team Manager Martha Bardsley at


Eligibility waivers: LMIHC Board President Carole Santilli at 


Financial: LMIHC Treasurer Larry Kagan at





Go Bulldogs! 


Martha Bardsley

Middle School Team Manager 


by posted 09/17/2017

Congratulations to the players and coaches on the Elementary White Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs beat Springfield March 20, 2017 to win the Upper Division of the DSHL. 

From The Main Line Times:

The Lower Merion Elementary Bulldogs – White Team won the Delco School Hockey League Elementary Upper Division championship Monday night with a 10-4 win against Springfield Elementary.

The scoring in the championship game opened up early for the Bulldogs with Parker Hoppy finding the back of the net at 2:53 into the first period. The Bulldogs maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game with goals from Owen Davis, Braden Fisher (two), Sam Flood, Toby Myers and Lucas Yenal.

Ben Rabinowitz led the team in scoring with a hat trick in their final game – scoring his last goal with one second left on the game clock. Goaltender Christian Mackey made 18 saves to secure the victory.

Lower Merion, led by team captains Esref Erkmen, Parker Hoppy, and Marco Mazzarelli, finished its regular season in first place with a 13-2-1 record. The team’s head coach, Brian Hoppy, was assisted by coaches Kadir Erkmen, Dan Flood, and Justin Mackey.

The Bulldogs tallied 121 goals during the season, while goalies Christian Mackey, Will Zeger, and Andrew Bachman allowed only 55 goals during the regular season. The team had several first-year Bulldogs, and one player – Toby Myers – has been a Bulldog for the last five years since he was in Kindergarten.

The Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club was established in 1970 with the entry of the Lower Merion High School team into the Inter-County Scholastic Hockey League (ICSHL). The team’s first uniforms were donated by NHL Hall of Famer Ed Snider, the late founder of the Philadelphia Flyers. Two of Snider’s sons, Craig and Jay Snider, played on that first team.

The Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club has also grown from one varsity high school team to an eight-team club including two High School varsity teams (boys), a girls’ high school team, a middle school team and four elementary school teams – two Under-10 teams and two Under-8 teams. The Elementary program is where the Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club has invested many resources and volunteer coaching time in player and skills development.

by Master Admin posted 03/20/2017


2016/17 Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club 

Dear Ice Hockey Enthusiast:

We are currently seeking Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club sponsorships to offset some of the costs associated with providing a successful and enjoyable ice hockey season.  Your sponsorship would help cover the cost of ice time and league fee expenses. Your assistance will make it possible for our players to develop, train and participate in the Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club programs starting as elementary level players and progressing through to our high school programs. We greatly appreciate your consideration.

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit ice hockey club supported entirely by volunteers and players’ families.  Registration fees cover all expenses related to team operations which include ice costs, league fees and coach related expenses. The most significant of our expenses are the ice costs and league fees.  

Over the years, we have been able to provide each team with sufficient amount of ice time. Without support from the community, we will either need to increase the registration fees for some of the teams or reduce the amount of ice time.

Our ultimate goal is to have the opportunity to keep the number of middle school practice slots, bring in a goalie coach or power skating instructor, hold team social events and participate in extra events. This is why we ask you for your support.

We have four options for your donation.  In exchange for your level of generosity, your Company or Organization will receive the following:

  • Level 1 - $195 - Special recognition on our Club’s website at www.lowermerionihc.com
  • Level 2 - $245 - The name of your Company or Organization will be included on a ½ page in Club’s yearly Ad Book as well as recognized on the Club website
  • Level 2 - $295 - The name of your Company or Organization will be included on a full-page in Club’s yearly Ad Book as well as recognized on the Club website
  • Level 4 - $215 - The name of your Company or Organization will be listed on a page in Club’s yearly Ad Book along with other organizations as well as recognized on the Club website

If you are able to donate towards our efforts, we will promptly forward you a thank you letter with our tax identification number for your records.

On behalf of the Club, I thank you very much for your support and consideration of this sponsorship opportunity. Please do not hesitate to contact the Larry Kagan, Club Treasurer and Registrar or me if you have any questions about the sponsorship program.


Carole D. Santilli, CPA

Lower Merion Ice Hockey Club President

by posted 11/15/2016


Some Clarifying Information About the SI Play App

The company that we use for this webste was formerly owned by a company called League Athletics, but League Athletics has been acquired by SI Play.  The site is currently co-branded but is in transition to SI Play and will eventually only be an SI Play website.  The SI Play app is connected to this website and already supersedes the League Athletics app.  You can therefore delete the League Athletics app from your phone.  

The SI Play app is connected to this website.  All notifications and information come to your phone/SI Play app from info entered on the website.  You can see this information on the website by clicking Teams then choosing your team and then clicking Schedule.

In order for the SI Play app to work on your phone, your profile information on this website must be complete.  Most of the time, for most people, this was accomplished through registration.  The most important piece of information that MUST be entered in your player and parent profiles is your email address.   

If, after downloading the SI Play app to your phone, your team is not found on the app, then you need to login to your account on the website and make sure your email is entered.  Enter your email in the profile of both players and parents.

Once you have populated your information, including email address into your website profile, the app can find you and you will have SI Play on your phone.

Any questions?  Email Larry Kagan by clicking .

by Master Admin posted 10/18/2016
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